Ed Sheeran – Shape of You – Acoustic Cover

Never Would I Ever...

…Have thought that my first public display of my ‘musical prowess’ in the modern day form of a YouTube video, would be covering Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.

Not because I have anything against ‘Ed’, or the song. Simply because from the age of sixteen or so, I was STRICTLY ‘rock’ orientated and even played a key part in a rather cliché, but without doubt passionate, London-based Punk band.

However, after asking many friends of today for recommendations on a popular ‘hit song’ to kick off the music side of this blog, Ed Sheeran, who I’d previously have called ‘too Pop’, received the most mentions, and his track Shape Of You, which I’d previously have called ‘too soppy’, proved a popular choice.

So, here it is. Filmed on the balcony of this peaceful Central Portugal forest that I’m living within.

My voice can sound better than this, or so I’ve been told, so please don’t let it deter you from future videos.

Maybe the thought of my younger self watching me from the past, shaking his/my?? head in disgust, slightly deterred me from belting it out with full force.

Ok, so whether you love it or laugh your head off… I hope you enjoy it either way.


There’s more videos to come. Covers (Any requests?) and my own songs.

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